Directory of Graduate Faculty


This website contains a searchable directory of members of the faculty of the School of Graduate Studies. The directory may be searched according to the faculty member’s name, or the name of the graduate program.

The School of Graduate Studies contains over 2000 faculty members. In this directory the term “affiliation” refers to the department in which the faculty member is employed. The term “appointment” refers to the graduate program in which they have been appointed. Faculty may be appointed to more than one graduate program. Appointments are in one of three categories: Member (sometimes referred to as “Full Member”), Associate Member or Affiliate Member.

The link Faculty List will take you to a searchable directory of all Members, Associate Members and Affiliate Members of the graduate faculty.

The link Search allows you to search the directory for a given faculty member, or for a given graduate program. To obtain the list of all the faculty who have been appointed to a given graduate program, use the tab labeled “Program”, leave other fields blank, and choose the program from the menu.

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